Sel Zonn Station


Sel Zonn Station is a XQ2 Platform which orbits the planet Brentaal. The main commercial area of Sel Zonn Station is known as the Promenade. A number of shops as well as fountains, open seating, and other decorations can be found here. Security here is tight; Imperial Stormtroopers are on hand at all times.

Notable Locations:
-Gundark’s Cantina: A popular meeting place for both indigenous and transient members of the station’s population it is named after the owner “Gundark” Saff. Gundark makes a special refreshment known as the “Gundark Special.”

-The Credit Chip: A casino, offers sabacc and pazaak games. The owner is a human named Cecil Vane. Vane offers a number of gambling activities such as Brentaal Bridge, Stormtrumper and the Jubilee Wheel.

-Delgas Medical Supplies: A corporate medical practice and pharmaceutical supplier. The chief doctor in the practice is Byra Fenn.

-Mechanical Allies: A droid repair and sales shop run by a Twi’lek named San.

Sel Zonn Station

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