The “Enforcer” is a pursuer-class enforcement ship designed by MandalMotors as a heavy patrol craft. The pursuer-class enforcement ship is well armed for its size, with twin blaster cannons and a turret-mounted ion cannon making it popular among police forces across the galaxy.

Chelebbs and Eapax stole the ship (before naming it the “Enforcer”) from the Brentaal Planetary Defense Force on Sel Zonn Station after dragging the unconscious bodies of Kron and Lowbacc on board. The “Enforcer” was impounded, however, upon landing on Alderaan.


Storage: 300 kg of food, 2 stun grenades, 2 breath mask, pistol hip holster, 5 comlinks, 3 binder-cuffs, fusion lantern

Consumables: 4 weeks 3 days


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