Tag: dead


  • Switch

    Switch was a curious protocol droid that has clearly gone a long time since his last memory wipe. According to [[:maya | Maya]], Switch was responsible for storing the Alderaanian Security agent's valuable cargo. During a gang fight with [[:ganga-lor …

  • Ganga Lor

    Ganga Lor was a Chevin petty crime lord engaged in a rivalry with [[:switch | Switch]]. His leathery skin featured a weathered look and multiple scars. Ganga Lor was killed in gang fight with [[:switch | Switch]] and the heroes.

  • Jake Talwhen

    Human poacher from the underworld of [[Coruscant | Coruscant]] _______________________________________ Talents: Sneak Attack _______________________________________ Credits: 1525 Force Points: 6 XP: 2100 Condition: normal …