Tag: Alderaanian Security


  • Episode I-IV: Forest of Aldera

    When the heroes entered the atmosphere of [[Alderaan | Alderaan]] they saw wild grasslands, old mountain ranges, and large oceans. The world was breathtaking in appearance. The heroes decided to land on a spaceport in Aldera because everything seemed …

  • Episode I-V: The Hydra

    Important Plot Points: -Heroes locate [[:twiyyk | Twiyyk]] in poacher camp over looking cave. -At entrance of cave, heroes encounter members of the [[Blackguard | Blackguard]]. -Heroes investigate inside cave. They find [[:theeso-gath | Theeso Gath]] …

  • Maya

    Maya is a slender, black-haired woman who serves as a Alderaanian Security agent and was a member of Senator Bail Organa's personal security detail during the Clone Wars.