Dawn of Destiny

Episode I-V: The Hydra
by Yorach

Important Plot Points:

-Heroes locate Twiyyk in poacher camp over looking cave.
-At entrance of cave, heroes encounter members of the Blackguard.
-Heroes investigate inside cave. They find Theeso Gath and uncover an ancient secret, a powerful monster left by past evils.
-Heroes escape cave with help of Talon Cross.
-Heroes return to Aldera, return the fugitives, and meet with the Blackguard for brunch.
-Heroes join them and travel to Mustafar.
-On route to the Blackguard base, heroes and escorts are ambushed; it is unknown whether or not the heroes survived the battle…

Episode I-IV: Forest of Aldera
by Jsoccerd

When the heroes entered the atmosphere of Alderaan they saw wild grasslands, old mountain ranges, and large oceans. The world was breathtaking in appearance. The heroes decided to land on a spaceport in Aldera because everything seemed natural. That changed when they landed because 12 security guards and 2 heavy weapons mounted on speeders stopped them and put them into a jail.

A high official told Maya to get the heroes out. They were told to get 2 poachers alive and you will get a bounty and your criminal record removed. Jake Talwhen, a captured poacher was also told this and was commanded to lead us to the poachers first camp site.

No one was at the camp site. Lowbacc then used his Wookie tracking skills to find the next camp. At the next camp that Lowbacc found, Kron and Eapax got surprised by 4 poachers. But the heroes disposed of all of them but one who they interrogated and made him pee his pants. They let the poacher go. The heroes proceeded in the direction the poacher told them to go. When they found the next camp Lowbacc and Kron surprised the 4 poachers but not the dog. But like before the heroes disposed of them except one but that poacher didn’t wake up soon enough, so the heroes found clues and started to head off to another camp.

Episode I-III: So Long Sel Zonn
By jsoccerd

After the battle with the security guards, the heroes and Chelebbs left the jail and ran to one of the hangars to try to open the door and steal a ship. Mean while a squad of storm troopers, and a heavy storm trooper lead by a Imperial Officer stopped them. The heavy storm trooper knocked out everyone but Chelebbs. Luckily he took out his medpac and healed Eapax. With a stroke of luck Eapax hit a fire extinguisher and totally concealed the enemies. Chellubs then opened the door. Next Chelebbs and Eapax dragged Lowbacc and Kron into a Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship. Eapax then decided to leave to Alderaan, a planet which they knew Maya to be from.

When Kron woke up he argued with Eapax about how we should have gone to a outer rim planet because there is less of a Imperial presence there. When Lowbacc finnaly woke up he had to go back to sleep to get better. When everyone was awake Kron did long term recovery to everyone to get them all healed from the battle. Then Eapax did the same to Kron after 8 hours. When they got to Alderaan everyone was recovered and the heroes decided on the name Enforcer for the ship.

Episode I-II: Jailbreak
by Jacktheck02
Episode I-I: Cargo Conundrum
by Jacktheck02

Eapax, Lowbacc, and Kron all made it to Maya’s safe house. When they got there Maya told them she will give them credits if they get Maya’s cargo though she doesn’t know where the cargo is at. She does know that a protocol droid named Switch knows where it’s at. As they are making there way to Switches place they stumbled a upon a beggar. Eapax gave the beggar two credits and the beggar told him his name was Chelebbs, and he would do a favor for Eapax if he just gives him a call. Once they get to Switch’s place they settle a deal for the location of Maya’s cargo for 1000 credits. It was in the blue section, a very heavy imperial section of Sel Zonn Station. Once they gave Switch the credits they were on their way, but Ganga Lor came with his gang. They killed Switch by shooting off his head and his body falling into a shaft. After the gang shot Switch, the group tried to settle an agreement on how they could get out. Ganga Lor would not agree with their offers. All the gang members then fixated their guns on the group. In two easy shots by Lowbacc and Kron they killed Ganga Lor. Kron yelled at the gang members to stand down or what they just did to Ganga Lor will happen to them. They came to an agreement that they will get the droid right next to Switch with the 1000 credits and let them go. After the the thugs left they searched Ganga Lor and finding a blaster pistol from Ganga Lor and they took the head of Switch. After they dumped Ganga Lor’s body in the shaft, they went to Maya’s safe house. There the heroes decided to have Eapax get a cloak from Maya so Eapax looked like a human. Lowbacc and Kron asked him that they can look like slaves but Eapax decided to go alone. Eapax found where the cargo was being stored but it was heavily guarded by storm troopers and an Imperial officer. Eapax walk up to the storm troopers and told them he was an Imperial officer. Eapax was then arrested and put in to a security cell. His cell mate was Chelebbs, who was arrested for pick pocketing someone. During that Kron, and Lowbacc was still at Maya’s safe house playing star pong. Kron and Lowbacc then saw their friend on the daily arrests. Trying to figure out how to free him, they found a black market runned by San the droid seller. San could get a security kit that could unlock the cell Eapax was in. Kron, Lowbacc could get it in a day for 3000 credits which they got from selling Switch’s head, and Ganga Lor’s data pad.

Episode I: Promenade Shootout
by Jsoccerd

Kron, Lowbacc, Eapax left Bar Nar‘s ship and the guards waved them on even though they had weapons. Kron, Lowbacc, and Eapax decided to go to the promenade to see what was at Sel Zonn Station. While Eapax followed Kron to the bar, Lowbacc headed to the casino. Lowbacc played on the Jubilee wheel and almost bet all his money away. With a stroke of luck he got back his money and made a whopping 25 credits! During that time Kron ordered a Brentaal Bitterbrew and Eapax ordered a Gundark Special. Eapax fell to the ground unconscious but Kron came to his rescue and woke him up with his medpac instead of buying the Gundark special anecdote. Lowbacc found the 2 at the bar and then they left to go see Mechanical Allies, a droid shop and repair place owned by San, a twi’lek. They didn’t see anything to buy so they all left with Kron to buy a medpac at the medical center. To repay Kron, Eapax bought the medpac. Kron and Lowbacc then left the medical center to go ask San if he knew about any job oppurtunities. Kron and Lowbacc refused to pay 1,000 credits for info about an employer, so they left to go find Eapax.

At this point, Maya a slender, greasy mechanic that seemed to be injured crawled towards the party asking for help. Close behind her, Stormtroopers and Imperial Informants followed. Lowbacc moved in front of Maya and pulled out his weapon. The Stormtroopers moved to a better position to shoot at Lowbacc. One of the Stormtroopers missed while the other hit doing substanial damage. Kron pulled out his weapon and shot at 1 of the 2 Stormtroopers.. He missed. Next Eapax grabbed Maya and pulled her to cover behind some computers. The 2 Imperial Informants pulled out their pistols and moved to a better position to shoot at Kron and Eapax. Next Lowbacc shot a Stormtrooper and killed him with a direct hit straight through the head. The one Stormtrooper shot at Lowbacc but missed. Kron then moved behind computers. Eapax then pulled out his vibroblade and ran toward the one Stormtrooper. One Imperial Informant moved towards Kron and shot but he missed. The other one ran towards Maya and tried to punch her but missed and fell prone too. Lowbacc ran to the aid of Maya and recovered from one of the Stormtrooper’s stun blast. The Stormtrooper tried punching Eapax but missed. Kron then jumped over the computer, shot at the Imperial informant and hit the ceiling. Eapax knocked out the stormtrooper with his vibroblade. A Imperial informant moved towards Kron and shot at him, but he missed. The other one tried kicking Maya but failed. Lowbacc then hit the Imperial informant with extreme effort injuring the Informant. Kron then ran at the other Imperial Informant trying to hit him but failed. Eapax went on crates tried to slash at the Informant but he was out of reach. The Imperial Informant tried kicking Lowbacc but failed. The other one threw a punch at Kron and missed. Lowbacc tried hitting the prone Informant but failed. Kron however shot the Informant point blank and killed him. While Eapax knocked the other one unconcious with his vibroblade. To finish the battle Kron executed the Stormtrooper while Lowbacc executed the Informant which left Eapax with a bad taste in his mouth. After the shootout the group followed Maya to a supposed safe quarters.

The Gungan by Yorach

Bar Nar, a optimistic and friendly Gungan trader, has taken on three passengers on his way to Brentaal IV.

On his travels through the Mid Rim, Bar Nar picked up three stowaways. Unlike most pilots, Bar Nar was happy to have company and he assigned them all janitorial duties.

Bar Nar promised to drop them off at his next stop above Brentaal IV, Sel Zonn Station.


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