Dawn of Destiny

Episode I-IV: Forest of Aldera

by Jsoccerd

When the heroes entered the atmosphere of Alderaan they saw wild grasslands, old mountain ranges, and large oceans. The world was breathtaking in appearance. The heroes decided to land on a spaceport in Aldera because everything seemed natural. That changed when they landed because 12 security guards and 2 heavy weapons mounted on speeders stopped them and put them into a jail.

A high official told Maya to get the heroes out. They were told to get 2 poachers alive and you will get a bounty and your criminal record removed. Jake Talwhen, a captured poacher was also told this and was commanded to lead us to the poachers first camp site.

No one was at the camp site. Lowbacc then used his Wookie tracking skills to find the next camp. At the next camp that Lowbacc found, Kron and Eapax got surprised by 4 poachers. But the heroes disposed of all of them but one who they interrogated and made him pee his pants. They let the poacher go. The heroes proceeded in the direction the poacher told them to go. When they found the next camp Lowbacc and Kron surprised the 4 poachers but not the dog. But like before the heroes disposed of them except one but that poacher didn’t wake up soon enough, so the heroes found clues and started to head off to another camp.



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