Dawn of Destiny

Episode I-III: So Long Sel Zonn

By jsoccerd

After the battle with the security guards, the heroes and Chelebbs left the jail and ran to one of the hangars to try to open the door and steal a ship. Mean while a squad of storm troopers, and a heavy storm trooper lead by a Imperial Officer stopped them. The heavy storm trooper knocked out everyone but Chelebbs. Luckily he took out his medpac and healed Eapax. With a stroke of luck Eapax hit a fire extinguisher and totally concealed the enemies. Chellubs then opened the door. Next Chelebbs and Eapax dragged Lowbacc and Kron into a Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship. Eapax then decided to leave to Alderaan, a planet which they knew Maya to be from.

When Kron woke up he argued with Eapax about how we should have gone to a outer rim planet because there is less of a Imperial presence there. When Lowbacc finnaly woke up he had to go back to sleep to get better. When everyone was awake Kron did long term recovery to everyone to get them all healed from the battle. Then Eapax did the same to Kron after 8 hours. When they got to Alderaan everyone was recovered and the heroes decided on the name Enforcer for the ship.



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