Dawn of Destiny

Episode I-I: Cargo Conundrum

by Jacktheck02

Eapax, Lowbacc, and Kron all made it to Maya’s safe house. When they got there Maya told them she will give them credits if they get Maya’s cargo though she doesn’t know where the cargo is at. She does know that a protocol droid named Switch knows where it’s at. As they are making there way to Switches place they stumbled a upon a beggar. Eapax gave the beggar two credits and the beggar told him his name was Chelebbs, and he would do a favor for Eapax if he just gives him a call. Once they get to Switch’s place they settle a deal for the location of Maya’s cargo for 1000 credits. It was in the blue section, a very heavy imperial section of Sel Zonn Station. Once they gave Switch the credits they were on their way, but Ganga Lor came with his gang. They killed Switch by shooting off his head and his body falling into a shaft. After the gang shot Switch, the group tried to settle an agreement on how they could get out. Ganga Lor would not agree with their offers. All the gang members then fixated their guns on the group. In two easy shots by Lowbacc and Kron they killed Ganga Lor. Kron yelled at the gang members to stand down or what they just did to Ganga Lor will happen to them. They came to an agreement that they will get the droid right next to Switch with the 1000 credits and let them go. After the the thugs left they searched Ganga Lor and finding a blaster pistol from Ganga Lor and they took the head of Switch. After they dumped Ganga Lor’s body in the shaft, they went to Maya’s safe house. There the heroes decided to have Eapax get a cloak from Maya so Eapax looked like a human. Lowbacc and Kron asked him that they can look like slaves but Eapax decided to go alone. Eapax found where the cargo was being stored but it was heavily guarded by storm troopers and an Imperial officer. Eapax walk up to the storm troopers and told them he was an Imperial officer. Eapax was then arrested and put in to a security cell. His cell mate was Chelebbs, who was arrested for pick pocketing someone. During that Kron, and Lowbacc was still at Maya’s safe house playing star pong. Kron and Lowbacc then saw their friend on the daily arrests. Trying to figure out how to free him, they found a black market runned by San the droid seller. San could get a security kit that could unlock the cell Eapax was in. Kron, Lowbacc could get it in a day for 3000 credits which they got from selling Switch’s head, and Ganga Lor’s data pad.



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